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“Alhusayen says one reason HS takes so long to diagnose is that physicians receive little training in dermatology.

“They can go through medical school without any clinical exposure. They might have a week or so – depending on the program or university they’re studying at – of class-based training in dermatology. It’s quite possible they could graduate without setting foot in a dermatology clinic.”

The painful boils and skin abscesses can – even on close inspection – mimic benign skin infections. A person suffering from the early stages of HS may wind up in an emergency room with someone who has never encountered the condition.

“The cycle keeps repeating itself. The patient is referred, maybe, to an infectious disease specialist who would place the patient on antibiotics. It takes a while to put it all together. They [the boils] keep coming back. While a skin infection should respond to one or two courses of antibiotics, these patients continue to suffer,” says Alhusayen.”

Author: Madi Cyr

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