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The Spoon Theory

If you’ve ever looked through chronic illness blogs or social media profiles you’ve probably seen something called the “spoon theory” or people who call themselves “spoonies”. Here’s the article that started it all, written by Christine Miserandino. Maybe it can help you explain chronic illness to people in your lives.⁠ ⁠ The Spoon Theory -

Understanding the mRNA Vaccine

Let’s take a deeper look into what mRNA vaccines are in relation to Covid-19.  Traditionally vaccines used to prevent the flu, or polio, contained either a purified signature protein of the virus, or a weakened strain of the virus. These are known as Killed Vaccines or Live Vaccines.  Messenger RNA vaccines, also known as mRNA

Misdiagnosed: Could Your Painful Skin Condition Be HS?

"Edmonton-based Krystle Sutherland was just 14 when she developed lesions on her groin and buttocks. “I was so embarrassed,” she recalls. “I didn’t even tell my mom.” Years later, she sought help from a gynaecologist, her family doctor, and dermatologists." To read the full article on "Health Insight" follow the link below: https://www.healthinsight.ca/managing-illnesses/misdiagnosed-could-your-painful-skin-condition-be-hs/

HS Heroes Radio Spot

Check out HS Heroes Canadian radio spot featuring our very own Co-Founder/Director Krystle Sutherland!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOxEY_vP4Xo

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