Project Description


Hello everyone, my name is Adjoa and I’m a 40 year old female from Toronto, Ontario Canada and I have HS Disease. This is my story…

I was 32 when my HS started, and that same year I got my official diagnosis from a Dermatologist. There are 3 stages associated with judging the severity of HS Disease, and I have stage 2. Along with HS I also have Fibroids, Asthma and Arthritis. I’ve had arthritis in my knees since I was 17 years old and is hereditary from my mom’s side. Because of it I can’t squat or do exercises that require me to bend my knees. In colder months it becomes painful, but I’m still able to do everyday things which has been a blessing. My kneecaps are really bad but the doctors are advising me to wait till after I have children to get surgery to fix them.

For a treatment plan I’m taking the medications Remicade [A Biologic], Prednisone [ a corticosteroid] and Spironolactone [a water pill]. The 2 areas of my life that I’d say HS has impacted the most are my sex life and riding a bike. When I’m dealing with the negative feelings often associated with HS disease things like my Christian Faith, my Family, Friends, Cooking and Blogging help me try to stay positive.

 I love cooking my favorite Ghanaian foods, my parents are from Ghana so I love to cook our foods but I also love to cook everyday foods. In my blog I talk about my life and especially experiences as a woman in her 40s. [Read the blog here]

I have discussed my HS with the people around me so that my family, co-workers and my friends are aware of the condition. I have a few people that have made a difference in my situation. They are my Mom, my close friends and my crush. There are a few tips I use to manage my HS that might be helpful to other heroes living with the condition. Lean on your faith and find an activity that makes you happy. You could talk to a therapist, and I have found that helping others keeps your mind off of your pain.

Most importantly, try to find joy in the little moments. I watch my favorite shows from my childhood and take pictures of sunrises and sunsets. I also enjoy spending time with my 2 year old niece and making her laugh and also, her cuddles. I love memes and spend hours looking them up and laughing. I celebrate little moments and even if I wake up and exercise, I will play my favorite genre of music and dance till I’m tired. I also enjoy my favorite treats.

I’ve had several positive experiences related to my HS. I had surgery, and my medical team was very loving and supportive. Realizing how supportive my close friends and family are was another great experience. Also, the guy I like tries different diets with me to help with my HS. I tried a 3 day water fast that really helped me for a bit. I have also tried an elimination diet, although it didn’t change my condition I did find foods I was sensitive to. My HS is more hormonal  and situational so foods haven’t really changed my HS, but I try to avoid stressful situations.

 If I could say anything to an HS Hero who is struggling, or a newly diagnosed HS patient it would be that you are more than the disease. You can live a normal life and you are loved.

You are supported and trust me, this won’t stop you from living your best life!