Project Description


Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I’m a 27-year-old male from Seguin, Texas and I have HS. This is my story.

I was around the age of puberty, about eleven years old, when my very first bump appeared on my neck. I went to multiple doctors, and they all told me the reason for the lesion was because I was overweight, unhygienic, and a bad person. It took seven years until I was officially diagnosed by a Dermatologist, and I am currently in severe Stage 3. Along with HS, I get seizures and have both chronic fatigue and chronic Anemia.

My health was not very good, so my only hope was to go into a nursing home….. and here I am. My plan was to improve my health so that I could have surgery. In June of 2021, I had a life-changing appointment with a Plastic Surgeon, and it was decided that I will be having my first major surgery in July.

HS has impacted almost all areas of my life… things like hobbies, having a career and a family. My HS has been so bad that I don’t have any hobbies because it has changed my entire life. I have a hard time even showering. When I’m struggling with the negative feelings often associated with HS, I try to stay positive with the help of music. It brings peace to my mind, that’s why I’m always jamming to heavy metal bands I enjoy like Lamb of God, Red, Architects and Fire from the Gods.

I’ve discussed my condition with family members, and my entire family knows about my HS. I thought I had a Hero in my Mom, until she got tired of taking care of me and stopped giving me food and wanted me dead.  But yes, I do have a Hero in my life. My hero is ME because I’ve never met anyone stronger than myself. 

The number one tip I would give to other HS patients to help them manage their HS would be to try and stay stress-free. Whatever is going on in your life, try to let it go and be free of stress. I want to help anyone who is hiding their HS and let them know I am there for them. Don’t hide. The only positive experiences I got out of having HS is that I get to meet great people with the same condition, and also the staff here where I live is amazing.

Something I would say to an HS Hero who is struggling, or a newly diagnosed HS patient would be this: You might have just been diagnosed, but know that this is not the end of the world and you can be healthy, beautiful, strong, rich or smart. JUST NEVER GIVE UP!